Brad  Harvey  Outdoors

Outdoor writer, photographer & consultant

Brad's gear changes often as he tests and reviews numerous products as they're introduced to market. Here's what's currently being played with.


Current bow: PSE Dream Season DNA

Arrows: Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak, Carbon                        Express Maxima Red

Release:  Scott wrist strap release, Trufire Hardcore 4 finger

Strings:  America's Best

Sight:  Truglo Archer's Choice Range Rover single pin

Rest:   QAD Ultra Rest HDX,  Octane Hostage Pro

Broadhead:  Swhacker  100 gr

Stabilizer:  Bee Stinger Pro Hunter 10" w/quick release

Wrist Sling:  Apex Gear Attitude


Rangefinder: Leupold

Scopes:  Zeiss, Kahles

Red dot:  Truglo Gobble Stopper

Binocular:  Zeiss


Rifles:  Thompson Center in .243, .270 and .300 Win Mag

Turkey gun:  Mossburg Tactical Turkey 12 ga

Pistols:  Glock models 22 and 23 (.40)

Hunting Clothing-

Camo pattern:  Always Mossy Oak!

Hunting outer layers:  Under Armour

Baselayers:   Under Armour Coldgear

Mid-layers:   Under Armour

Gloves:   Under Armour

Head covering: Under Armour

Boots:  Wolverine, Muck


Spinning/casting rods: Temple Fork Gary Loomis rods

Spinning/casting reels:  Lew's

Mono:  Sufix

Fly rods:  Temple Fork Mangrove Sticks

Fly reels:  Tibor Everglades, Riptide and Gulfstream

Fly line:  Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Bonefish & Sharkskin Magnum Tropic

Polarized eyewear:  Ocean Waves

Fishing Clothing-

Shirts:  Columbia Tamiami II, Under Armour

Shorts/pants:  Columbia

Deck shoes:   Sperry

Few people can truly say that they were able to transform their lifelong passions into a career. That, however, is exactly what Brad was able to do.

"For as far back as I can remember, I've loved the outdoors. Doesn't matter if we're talking about hunting, fishing or any other aspect of it, I crave the opportunity to get out there," he said. "I can still remember that very first bass that I pulled out of the lake behind my parents' house. I was fishing with my Dad and couldn't have been more than 5 at the time. From that point on I was hooked far worse than that fish was that day and I haven't been able to shake the addiction since."

Many years after that fateful day with his father, he found himself diving into the retail side of the outdoors industry by opening The Charleston Angler, a fly-fishing and light tackle pro shop in Charleston, SC. After selling the business in 2000 he began to dabble in the world of outdoors media by writing the occasional article for various publications and soon found himself fully immersed in the craft.

"I can't say that I ever had any idea that I would be a writer but it makes sense considering I had the ultimate training for this line of work," he quipped.

You see, Brad grew up the son of an English teacher.

These days his words can be found regularly in magazines, on the internet, in his weekly outdoors column carried by numerous newspapers and even on your TV as he provides narrative dialogue and commentary for some of the most popular hunting programs on outdoors television.

When he's not in the woods, on the water or perched in front of a computer hammering away to meet a deadline, Brad ventures even deeper into the business side of it all by consulting for both outdoors related manufacturers and outfitters to help them improve their offerings for their customers and clients.

Besides some of the most well known hunting and fishing companies in existence, he has worked with outfitters from Alaska to Belize and throughout the Caribbean. He has served in an advisory or pro-staff capacity for such brands as Mercury Marine, Hells Bay Boatworks and Homewrecker Game Calls, among others. These days he's proud to be waving the flag of PSE Archery as a member of Team PSE.

When time allows, Brad enjoys crafting game calls out of his shop, attending Clemson University athletic events with his family and helping his 12 year old daughter, Maggie, get her "outdoors fix," whether with a fishing rod or her PSE Fever1 bow.

Fun Facts:

  • An accomplished angler, Brad has fished throughout the world taking everything from backyard bluegills to Pacific Blue Marlin off the Kona Coast of Hawaii, giant Alaskan Rainbows, Permit in Belize and thousands of Bonefish throughout the Bahamas, Florida Keys and Central America.
  • Brad has spent time in every US State and Canadian Province- getting to all but Hawaii by motorcycle at least once. "If they'll build a bridge to Honolulu I'll try it," he says.
  • Favorite places to hunt whitetails? Everywhere they roam! Still, given a choice he'd spend the entire month of November on the farm he and several friends have in Kansas.
  • Favorite places for gobblers? Chasing Texas Rios in the mesquite and South Florida Osceolas around the cypress knees.
  • Best hunting memory? Two. Maggie's first longbeard with a shotgun and her first with a crossbow.


Tools of the trade:

About Brad:

"Go afield with a good attitude, with respect for the wildlife you hunt and for the forest and fields in which you walk. Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person."
                 ​- Fred Bear