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There's a different feeling that comes with hunting with a custom call.

There's no doubt that the sounds emitted from them are sweeter and more pure than anything mass produced in some chinese factory, but that's not it.

I like to think it has something to do with just knowing where it came from, how it was formed and that the hands that made it were working just for you.

You could almost call it "romantic." But, of course, romance is what talkin' turkey is all about isn't it?


Spring is almost here.

Sure you're ready?

Call making is, in fact, a labor of love. It has to be because it can be a long, time intensive process where shortcuts simply aren't allowed.

I've been making calls for a while and giving them to friends as gifts. This has resulted in a number of folks asking me to make more to sell them for their own personal use or for them to give as gifts. Up until this point I've resisted those whom have asked, not because I didn't want to do it but because these requests have always come well into the season when the last thing I'm looking for is any reason to be in the workshop instead of the woods.

This year, for the first time, I'm gonna take that plunge and offer to make calls for anyone that wants 'em. Here's how that's gonna work.

Box calls will be made to order and take a month to six weeks of lead time, depending upon the availability of good materials. As orders are placed the buyer will be made aware of where they stand in terms of time and if the aforementioned lead time needs to be massaged they'll be made aware of it then.

More than likely, all box call production will halt at the start of turkey season and resume immediately upon its closure.

Pot calls and strikers are much quicker to construct and won't require the same wait. These should be out the door in two weeks or less, again depending upon the availability of good wood.

Diaphragms (mouth calls) are by far the fastest to produce and will be offered throughout the season.

Feel free to take a gander below, look at what's offered, select a material and/or style then contact me by email to arrange things. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. 



The Long Box

(Purple Heart over Butternut shown above)

My Long Box comes in at around 11" in length and is constructed in the traditional manner, without a paddle spring. It is offered in the following materials as available:

Body- walnut, cedar, butternut, sassafras and poplar

Paddle- purple heart, walnut, cherry or cedar

Price: $65.00 + s&h

Pot Calls

I choose to make all of my pots double sided as they are both more functional and a better value. With these the top calling surface will come in at around 3 1/2 " while the bottom will be approximately 2 1/2". These calls are available in the following materials:

Pot- cherry, oak, maple, walnut, poplar, mahogany, osage orange, cocobolo & zebrawood

Calling surfaces- slate over glass, crystal over slate, glass over slate, copper over slate & copper over glass

Price: starts at $35.00 + s&h



Hand turned, flare tipped, one piece strikers are available in a number of materials. These include maple, oak, cherry, cedar, purple heart, black walnut, black locust, wenge wood, osage orange, mahogany, zebrawood, bocote, padauk, dymondwood & a green camo laminate.

Price: $15.00 to $25.00 + s&h

(depending upon material chosen)

Diaphragms (Mouth Calls)

All diaphragms are hand stretched, taped and cut. They are offered in the following models:

Viper-  A triple reed with fang cuts. It's deadly!

Dark Knight-  A double reed batwing.

The Spook- Two reeds with a ghost cut.

Vampire Bat-  A double reed batwing with fangs.

Snaggletooth- Three reeds with a center cut.

Double Play-  Features two reeds with a V cut.

Triple Play-  Three reeds with a V cut

The Deuce & a Half-  A two and a half reed cutter.

The Triple Threat- A three reed cutter.

Quad Cutter-  A four reed cutter.

Price:  $6.50 each + s&h

Mix & Match to save! Buy a half dozen or more calls for $6.25 each. A dozen or more for $6.00 each!

Payments accepted via check or PayPal.